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Previous study of the current state and it acts as a reliable document into the elaboration of the intervention project for its rebuilding. So, with the obtained photographs, it is possible to evaluate its state, look for cracks, create maps of pathologies, take measurements and calculate

On the 17th July of 2016, Dogram started the documentation work of the façade of the building Uría 58, at the request of the architect Francisco Guisasola Montoto

The results of the work of our team on acquisition and reproduction of surface appearance got the best paper award in the 6th International Workshop 3D-ARCH 2015.

In 2013 Dogram had the opportunity of collaborate with Advision in the project of the photogrammetric reconstrution of the whole architecture of the church Santiago de Peñalba, for the restoration service of the Cultural Heritage department of administration in Castilla y Leon (Spain).