Realistic Virtual Environments with the combination of Photogrammetry and laser scanning techniques

3D digitization allows us to transfer the real world to a computer, being a key step towards the creation of digital twins, design modifications or upgrades.

Photogrammetry and laser scanning allow a massive acquisition of data, that gets represented as a georeferenced point cloud and HDR images, that provide a higher level of contrast. Given the volumetry of some objects, data is captured from multiple positions, requiring post-processing to ensure the correct registration and homogenisation so that the environment could be filled with further data or simply be used as a measurement tool.

It is important to Highlight that Dogram 3D digitization realism has been acknowledged and awarded in several international congresses by the scientific community. Since 2013, we have carried out more that 200 projects in many different sectors, such us nuclear power plants, oil & gas, steel industry, construction, architecture, heritage and museology.

Most common issues
of our clients

  • Lack (or update) of drawings of any industrial facility
  • Fit-in issues in the execution of a design upgrade due to unexpected elements not accounted for in the design phase or simply due to methodology inconsistencies while staking out in-situ elements.
  • Access restrictions in a shutdown period, reducing on-site time availability and the need of gathering updated data prior to a re-designing process.
  • Absence of a unified coordinate system between different stakeholders of a project
  • Critical equipment change out shutdown delays

  • Lack of updated information or work area access restrictions for toolbox meetings or training activities
  • Deformation report of any facilities area or equipment in operation
  • Difficulty in performing high quality structural analysis due to access restrictions or a complex environment.

How can DOGRAM put its experience to your service?

  • Updated CAD could be achieved through 3D digitization , but we also advise our clients in the implementation of virtual visits, where they can obtain detailed information of their facilities.
  • We perform interference calculations between the newly designed elements and the current facilities, so the client can assess the adaptability of the design to the existing facilities and make decisions prior to the execution.
  • We create a 3D digitization system that links reality, engineering and assembly.
  • We adapt to the client’s health and safety requirements and shutdown period needs, jointly planning our activities with the client, allowing us to obtain a detailed digital twin of any area in the time available.
  • Establishment of a unified coordinate system for the digital twin, that allows it to be linked to the reality, ensuring a common language between the design and the execution phases in any engineering project.
  • We go along with the client throughout the 3D digitization as well as in the in-situ stake out their designs
  • Virtual assessments of the environment and simulations give us an idea of potential unscheduled delays in the execution of any task, allowing a high process optimization
  • Digital twin and virtual visit provide our clients with a collaborative and educative environment , frequently used to reduce non-essential personnel visits to the facilities and minimizing risk exposure.
  • Verification of the connection of new equipment with existen components, throughout visual analysis and diagnosis report.
  • We perform comparative analysis of the 3D digitization over different times, obtaining a displacement report that helps the client assess whether the tolerances are within range.


Long-range 3D laser scanner | Traditional survey methods such us total station and GPS
Aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry | Short-range 3D scanner

Our experience in 3D Digitization

  • Several 3D documentation projects in Oil & Gas facilities for the virtual assembling in equipment replacement activities. Full engineering project and shutdown schedule.
  • 2 + years project for the creation of a digital twin in the nuclear power plants of Ascó y Vandellós. More than 10.000 scans in operation and nuclear fuel reload process in non accessible radioactive areas.
  • Laser scan and photogrammetric survey of industrial chimneys in refineries for their geometric characterisation and element identification, as well as updated CAD generation.
  • Offshore wind components replica generation for their verification and virtual visit.
  • Creation of a project coordinate system and 3D digitization of any facilities for engineering designing modifications, interference analysis and new equipment installation. We have carried out our activities in many different sectors, such as metallurgy, zinc production, cellulose, concrete, textile…
  • 3D digitization of the two nuclear power plants of Almaraz and Trillo, responding to the need of digital twin and Industry 4.0
  • Creation of georeferenced 3D models of underground galleries to control trajectory and depth.
  • Highly realistic cave replicas for archaeological studies and educational purposes through photogrammetric survey models. Among them, we highlight Venta Laperra, Askondo, Armintxe, Lumentxa….
  • Heritage buildings among other heritage elements for the conservation and restoring activities planification, highlighting San Miguel de Lillo, Hotel de la Reconquista, Santa María del Naranco, Catedral de Oviedo
  • Virtual replica generation of some historical elements (such as statues) of Museo Arqueológico de Asturias, Catedral de Santiago, Catedral de Oviedo, Museo de Bellas Artes…