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Parietal art

Cave of Lumentxa


The cave of Lumentxa is placed in the community of Lekeitio, and there is a principal panel with two bison, inside one of them, you can recognize vestiges of a head of a horse.

Cave of Lumentxa2024-02-06T15:00:55+01:00

Photogrammetric raising Cave of Askondo


During September and October 2015, Dogram made the photogrammetric raising of the current state of the Cave of Askondo (Mañaria) for the Department of Culture and Euskera of the Floral Deputation of Bizkaia. It is about a prehistorical sanctuary of Clovis Point chronology (23.000 B.P).

Photogrammetric raising Cave of Askondo2024-02-06T15:09:49+01:00
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