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Photogrammetric raising Cave of Askondo

During September and October 2015, Dogram made the photogrammetric raising of the current state of the Cave of Askondo (Mañaria) for the Department of Culture and Euskera of the Floral Deputation of Bizkaia. It is about a prehistorical sanctuary of Clovis Point chronology (23.000 B.P).

We documented the sector A of the cave, which has five panels whose majority are paintings even if there are also engravings, and archaeological surveys made in the floor of the vestibule. In addition of the images and the support points in UTM ETRS and, because they are paintings, we made a register of the colour management.

Toma de datos en la Cueva de Askondo

From the data acquisition in the area, we made a selection of photographs down to 1.825 useful images to the rebuilding of the totality of the cave more than 507 images with details of the panels. Then we made the processing of the photographs that includes the management of the true colour, the three-dimensional restitution, grading and the obtainment of dense and textured three-dimensional models. From them we made the following documentation:

1. Virtual replica of the cave

Imágenes de la réplica virtual de la Cueva de Askondo

2. High-resolution virtual replica of every individualised panel: the textures have a correct management of the colour, so they are truth to reality.

Réplica virtual del panel AI en el visualizador interactivo desarrollado por Dogram para la visualización del patrimonio cultural.

3. 3D graphic documentation

Orthophotograph of transversal raised-section: four raisings. Scale 1:10

Miniatura ortofotografías de alzado-sección transversal

Four othophotographs of raised-sections by cutting plans of the longitudinal profile. Scale 1:10

Miniatura de ortofotografía longitudinal sección B

Orthophotograph of the floor. Scale 1:10

Miniatura de ortofotografía de suelo

4. Topography of the cave
– Cartography of the floor
– Cartography of the roof
– Cartography of heights
– Cartography of heights top-roof

Ejemplo de cartografía de la Cueva de Askondo