Situated 16 kilometers off the northwest coast of France in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc within the English Channel, the Saint Brieuc wind farm, developed by Iberdrola, will produce about 1,820 GWh/year, enough to cover 9% of Brittany’s total electricity consumption. The offshore wind farm is planned to be fully operational later this year, providing enough electricity for 835,000 people.

Van Oord, a leading global maritime contractor with over 150 years of experience, was selected to transport and install 62 jacket and piles foundations to support the wind turbines. Each turbine is placed on three pin piles, and four foundation pin piles have been installed for the offshore substation. Van Oord used its offshore installation vessel, Aeolus, to install a total of 190 pin piles. These structures have been produced by the Navantia-Windar joint venture,  leading players at the international level, in Fene, Spain, and Brest, France.

Dogram, in partnership with Van Oord survey team, was selected as a local service provider to assist with the metrological quality management of the project, performing dimensional control activities on the fixed foundation jackets fabricated and assembled in Fene and Asturias (both in Spain).

In this project, Dogram had the opportunity of developing the most suitable methodology in order to introduce 3D digitization in the dimensional control process, adding great value to this particular activity, which was acknowledged and accepted by our partner.

We are proud of this international alliance and we look forward to continuing to add value and participating in the transition to a greener and cleaner energy model.