Baltic Eagle, described by Iberdrola as its second major offshore wind project in the Baltic Sea, is a facility designed to supply renewable energy to 475,000 homes through 50 wind turbines.

Thanks to our professional and cross-sector experience, we at Dogram are immensely proud to have Iberdrola  count on us to lead the metrological consultancy in the manufacturing of the components that make up the fixed foundations of the wind farm, manufactured in various production centers located in Spain and Germany.

This internationally-oriented project was launched in 2022, and we collaborated closely with the engineering team at Iberdrola Deutschland to ensure the metrological quality management of the project. It was crucial that the procedures aligned with the magnitude and tolerances required by this project. This involved a thorough review of reports, measurement methodologies, audits of manufacturers, and comparative measurements to verify the enormous fixed foundations used in the construction of this wind farm.

Once the manufactured components were verified, the next phase involved on-site checks during the installation of the foundations for the wind turbines. During this stage, we continued to ensure the correct geometry of the pieces once they were installed in the Baltic Sea.

This adventure doesn’t end here; we continue to learn, grow, and are committed to contributing to the transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy model.