The cave of Lumentxa is placed in the community of Lekeitio, and there is a principal panel with two bison, inside one of them, you can recognize vestiges of a head of a horse. (Kobie..Palaeoanthropology 32, year 2013).

The virtual replica of the cave is made in high-resolution with the management of the true colour through photogrammetric raising and a specific raising of the main panel, placed in a big forest apart from the roof. This replica has a double solution: preventive and current state register, reliable and high-quality information for the diffusion of the cave that is closed to the public because of conservation works..

Technic documentation in shape of 16 orthophotographs to scale 1:10 and 4 maps ofcartography of the cave.

Example of orthophotograph of raising-section

High-resolution panel with two bison painted in red and oriented on the left

Example of cartography maps of the cave