When the first stage of the rebuilding of the Monastery of Cornellana finished, the step is the second stage, still without programming but it will start with a project about mural archaeology, the consolidation of spaces and the archaeological style (Diario El Comercio, May 2016).

Dogram made the photogrammetric survey of the current state of the apse and of the north and south façade of the monastery, for the study and the analysis of its building phases they act as basis for the mural archaeology project. In terms of documents, we took 4 photographs with a detail level that is equivalent to a scale 1:10. To provide context for the façades with the ensemble of the monastery these orthophotographs were mixed with the mappings done in July of 2007 by the architect Salustiano Crespo Rodríguez.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]