Photogrammetric reconstruction of the wall paintings of the church of Santo Adriano de Tuñon (Asturias, Spain) for the restoration service of the Cultural Heritage department of administration in Asturias.

In the church there are significant remains of wall paintings, these cover the walls, the vault of the main chapel as well as the inner arch. Among the wall paintings it should be pointed out a frieze of triangular stepped battlements, a border of circles and the representation of the Sun and Moon.

To document the murals, firstly a spectrographic test was performed in a significant portion of it. The objective was to determine the potential of discrimination and the most appropriate bands for the general documentation. It was found that the region of spectral discrimination of the pigments was in visible spectrum, not detecting any fluorescence.

The full documentation of the chapel was made though conventional color images, using calibrated light sources of wide spectrum.

The photogrammetric reconstruction was performed from conventional digital images and control metrologic points, producing a three-dimensional model of the church.

Scaled two-dimensional graphic documents were obtained from the three-dimensional model, in form of five orthophotos with natural color appearance, corresponding to the elevated-section of the façades North, South, East, West and the development of the vault and arch.

Miniaturas de la documentación de las pinturas en forma de ortofotografías

Miniaturas de la documentación de las pinturas en forma de ortofotografías