In 2013 Dogram had the opportunity of collaborate with Advision in the project of the photogrammetric reconstrution of the whole architecture of the church Santiago de Peñalba, for the restoration service of the Cultural Heritage department of administration in Castilla y Leon (Spain).

Photogrammetric work-site documentation was performed through exhaustive shooting in variable lighting conditions from all points of the proposed volumes (church, belfry and wall), from different angles.

The photogrammetric survey is supported by a network of points taken directly on the particularities of the stone without using any adhesive brand.

Starting from this survey, office work was completed, including the processing of photographs, three-dimensional restoration of each proposed volume and preparation of graphic documentation of current state requested.

Fully automatic three-dimensional models were obtained immediatel. They have a high level of geometric detail and metrological quality, are phototextured and faithfully show the present materials. The color, texture and reflectance properties of materials and details of fine relief, are obtained by stereo-photometric methods.

The graphic documentation was delivered as reilluminated orthoimages with a scale of 1/40, also matching with a previous existing survey. This scale is equivalent to an accuracy of measurement and real size of pixel less than 8mm.

It was possible to eliminate the shadows caused by the sun and to generate them again synthetically with the direction of incidence that was more convenient. Thus the North façade, always in shadow, was delivered illuminated.

Additionally, despite it was not considered at the start of the project, a simplified orthophoto of the roofs was delivered.

The final delivery was made in form of digital and metric images. They were inserted and referenced in CAD with superimposed layers for their consult, manipulation and printing.